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After diagnosis using physical examination and X-rays (CT scan, and/or MRI are sometimes also recommended), treatment may involve spinal adjustments, ice/heat applications, and therapy treatments that they have  a Licensed massage therapist 4 days a week and that Massage is a treatment option for muscular pain, tight muscles etc. at our clinic in Louisville, we offer a fully licensed massage therapist to help soothe pains and aches related to muscle soreness or misalignment.


Because Chiropractic Physicians are uniquely trained in human structure or biomechanics, they are uniquely qualified to address the structural damage that occurs in a whiplash injury. While they may use many of the same diagnostic and treatment tools, the care plan is designed to correct the underlying damage, not merely to mitigate the symptoms.
Relying less on drugs and more on an in-depth knowledge of correct or normal structural health, the chiropractor will use a series of adjustments and exercises or physical therapies to relieve symptoms, restore normal alignment and function, and "retrain" muscles and soft tissue to "hold" the correction long-term.