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Signs You Need a Chiropractor

Your body will tell you when something's not right. Your job is to listen. Whether you have serious migraines that medications don't touch or you just feel out of balance, a chiropractor can assist you in getting well.
A chiropractor is a medical specialist who focuses on body alignment via spinal adjustments. The belief behind chiropractic medicine is that a healthy spine (where many nerves and the body's central focus are located) is key to a well-rounded and healthy body. Here are signs you need a chiropractor for various symptoms.
Tingling in Legs
Tingling, numbness, or shooting leg pain can be a sign of sciatic nerve damage. The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in your body, beginning at your spine's base and going down your leg. When the nerve is pressed against by hipsthat are out of joint or lower back misalignment, the pain can be distracting or even excruciating.
Sciatic nerve pain may come and go or remain in a flared-up condition for prolonged periods of time. A simple adjustment by a chiropractor can bring you relief.
Medications Not Helping
Taking over-the-counter medications or prescriptions for conditions like headaches, arthritis pain, and other conditions may fail to bring you relief. Adding chiropractic care to your health can put your body back in balance and make pain management more bearable. Talk to your general doctor about how a chiropractor could help in your unique situation.
Chiropractors do more than readjust the spine. Chiropractors also show patients special exercises to increase mobility in the body, and some chiropractors perform acupuncture and other alternative healing strategies as well. These practices may help with what the medications need to do.
Repetitive Activities
Whether you spend hours sitting at a computer, spend all day working outdoors, or you are involved in sports activities, any repetitive motions you do regularly put a strain on your body. Making regular visits with a chiropractor prevents your spine from getting out of alignment and can help relieve bodily stress from straining the same muscles daily.
Constant Headaches
Frequent or constant headaches, including migraines, can be relieved by an upper spine or neck adjustment. Your chiropractor will examine your upper spine, shoulders, neck, and overall posture to determine the best readjustment strategy to relieve nerve pain (which commonly causes chronic headaches).
Popping your own back, neck, or other types of self-adjustments are a sign that you need professional chiropractic care. If you feel tension in your body and work hard to relieve your own symptoms, seeing a chiropractor for medical intervention is healthier for your body and gives you longer-lasting results.
You should especially see a chiropractor if your body aches are accompanied by sudden or sharp pains, you can't move well, or if you feel fatigued or in deeper pain as the day goes by.
Recent Injury
A fall, minor car accident, or simply pulling a muscle in your body are injuries that can benefit from chiropractic care. If your symptoms are worsening and athome care isn't helping, such as icing painful areas, make an appointment with a chiropractor for an evaluation of your injury.
Medical Conditions
Many medical conditions can be treated with chiropractic care. Inflammatory bowel disease, high blood pressure, depression, and even ADHD can be treated by visiting a chiropractor (in addition to regular general doctor care in more severe cases). Your chiropractor will want to know your medical history before accepting you as a patient.
It can take several visits to a chiropractor to receive the pain relief you desire. Regular visits to the chiropractor can prevent normal body aches and help you lead a more energetic, comfortable life.
The right chiropractor will give you custom care for your needs. Our specialists at East Broadway Chiropractic & Rehab will treat your body for a variety of pains and conditions. Make an appointment with us today.