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Ways Your Chiropractor Can Ease Your Rheumatoid Arthritis Symptoms

Arthritis is a joint disease that comes in many forms. Over 50 million Americans suffer from a form of arthritis.
Rheumatoid arthritis is a form of the disease that attacks the autoimmune system, causing joints in various parts of your body to swell and become 
disfigured as a result. This form of arthritis often afflicts the hands and wrists the most, although it can also be found in the feet, ankles and knees. This painful condition can make it hard to complete everyday activities and enjoy hobbies. It also often interferes with work.
Receiving chiropractic care for your symptoms is one way to relieve swelling, irritation and pain associated with rheumatoid arthritis. Here you will discover some of the ways your chiropractor can help alleviate some of your arthritis afflictions.

Gentle Manipulation

Your chiropractor uses localized manipulation to gently stretch and reposition swollen or misshapen joints. Much of the chiropractic work is done on your spine to help realign your body, while toughened joints are gently massaged and mobilized during the procedure as well.
The chiropractic care you receive is designed to allow you better movement and mobility in injured joints while relieving pain and pressure associated with rheumatoid arthritis. Your chiropractor will tell you how many times per week or month they wish to see you for optimum results.

Muscle Tone Improvement

Another way your chiropractor will treat your rheumatoid arthritis symptoms is to help you improve your overall muscle strength and tone. They will walk you through special exercises that force your muscles, ligaments and joints to work together. You will learn how to do these exercises at home so you can continue treating your symptoms on a regular basis.
In improving your muscle tone, you gain back strength in joints that were formerly unable to move much, which can improve your ability to walk, grasp objects in your hands and perform other tasks.


Massage is beneficial for rheumatoid arthritis. In placing gentle pressure on your joints, inflammation can decrease as blood flow is increased. Massage also reduces strain on your body and helps promote the endorphins your body naturally produces to combat pain.
Your chiropractor will use a gentle stroking motion to knead the skin surrounding your swollen joints. The pressure helps release fluid caught in the joints to take swelling down while bring you great relief from your pain. Some of the massage techniques your chiropractor Link to home page will perform for you can be taught and done at home (especially for your hands and feet).

Lifestyle Advice

In addition to physically treating and improving your symptoms, your chiropractor is able to assist you in lifestyle changes as well. They can show you a proper diet for managing your symptoms as well as show you ways you can sleep or bathe to help improve circulation and keep your pain from worsening.
When you make your first chiropractor appointment, arrive early so you can fill out paperwork and have your insurance and identity filed by the receptionist. Your chiropractor will also want a history of your medical past and current medications you are taking, so have this information ready.
With regular chiropractic care, you can expect your rheumatoid arthritis symptoms to improve. While no true cure exists for arthritis in general, your chiropractor can help you achieve a better quality of life with less pain and more mobility.
Your chiropractor can treat you with customized care. Allow our team of chiropractic professionals at Broadway to assist you in your arthritis symptoms. With our experience treating arthritis pain and other conditions, we can help bring you the relief you need.