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Residual Car Accident Injuries Your Chiropractor Will Treat

Car Accident Injuries
After your car wreck, you probably went to your general doctor for an examination for your injuries. Your pain was minimal and while you had a few bumps and bruises, you were no worse off for wear.
Unfortunately, not all car accident symptoms occur right away. Sometimes whiplash and other accident symptoms don't appear for days or weeks after your car wreck occurs. Here are residual car accident injuries you should talk to your chiropractor about. Your chiropractor, with the recommendation of your general doctor, can bring you natural pain relief.
Neck and Shoulder Pain 
Whiplash is one of the most common car wreck injuries, occurring in around 20% of car accident victims. Whiplash occurs when the force of the car impact thrust the head and neck forward suddenly, then throw them back. Symptoms often appear within a day of a neck injury and usually involve headaches or pain and stiffness in the upper back and shoulders.
Your chiropractor will assess your spinal alignment and use medical reports related to your injury along with your concerns to create a treatment plan for your pain. If your neck and shoulder pain worsens or limits your mobility, see your chiropractor right away. Rehabilitation exercises can restore mobility.
Nerve Damage 
Nerve damage is another delayed injury symptom that can be frightening to experience. You may feel numbness, tingling, or a sharp stinging or jolting sensation in your shoulders, arms, or legs because of nerve damage in your body. Nerve injuries are usually associated with whiplash symptoms.
Since poor body alignment, swollen joints, or other primary causes often cause nerve damage, your chiropractor will first determine where your nerve pain is located by looking for other injuries.
You may receive physical therapy treatments in addition to body adjustment therapies to restore greater nerve health. Your chiropractor will show you healthy exercises to do at home to restore nerve health and mobility.
A headache can occur days or weeks after your initial car accident. Headaches can be symptomatic of neck or shoulder injuries. Experts can also attribute headaches to stress and tension resulting from experiencing a serious car accident. Upper spinal or neck adjustments by your chiropractor can help relieve your headache pain over time.
More serious concerns about headaches after a car accident include concussion or blood clots in the brain. If your headaches cause you to lose balance, have vision loss, or create bouts of vertigo, see your general doctor right away before seeing a chiropractor to treat your symptoms.
Low Back Pain 
Lower back pain can occur with an automobile accident, resulting from spinal injury, nerve, or soft tissue damage in the muscles as a result from impact. You may notice lower back pain from your car accident right away if the pain is a result of a slipped or damaged disc.
Lower back pain caused by a pinched sciatic nerve or by tightened muscles because of your car accident may not become noticeable for days or weeks.
Your chiropractor will use a combination of massage and spinal readjustments to help restore your spine to better health. You may need physical therapy as well as stretching exercises to better strengthen and heal your back.
Write down your symptoms and when they started after your car accident. Share this information with your chiropractor at your first appointment to help them determine the best treatment plan for your injuries. You might need to attend several chiropractic treatments to feel relief. Follow your chiropractor's home-care instructions to help your body heal.
While you may feel fine after you first get into a car accident, residual injury pain can occur. The right chiropractor will give you personal care for your injury pain. See our specialists at East Broadway Chiropractic & Rehab for your chiropractic and injury rehabilitation needs today.