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4 Preparation Tips to Make Your First Massage Therapy Session Enjoyable and Effective

Massage Session

Massage therapy can help with a number of different health problems. From specific pain to general relaxation to hard-to-treat chronic ailments, you may be surprised at what a massage therapy session can improve.

If this is your first massage therapy session, what should you do in advance? Here are four ways to prepare for your visit.

1. Be Healthy Where Possible

If you're treating a specific illness or injury, you simply can't be in tip-top shape prior to your appointment. However, you should still try to avoid having a massage if you're suffering from things that will make the massage uncomfortable or harmful. For examples, things like sunburns, open sores, or rashes can make massages uncomfortable. In addition, if you're working actively with your doctor to adjust to a new medication, then that could affect your massage too.

Also, be sure to drink plenty of water before and after your massage session to promote muscle relaxation. 

If you're sick with a contagious illness like a cold or the flu, then your body will be stressed and it may not be the best day to try massage for the first time. Your massage therapist and doctors will appreciate your desire not to put others - including them - at risk for a contagious illness. 

2. Compile Your History

Your medical history is an important part of your massage therapist's ability to treat you. Write down medications you take and current doctor's treatments, especially as they relate to the reason you are seeking a massage. Check with your health insurance to see if they cover any part of the massage treatment.  

If possible, ask for the health questionnaire forms in advance so you can take your time filling them out and be more thorough. The more specific information you can give your masseuse about the health challenges you face, the more they can help you solve them.

3. Relax

A massage therapist works to get your body to help itself. The best way to approach your therapy session is to be in the right frame of mind and have plenty of time. It may not be possible to avoid 'squeezing in' your appointment but try to take the time needed. 

Leave early so that you aren't rushed to get to your appointment. Consider planning something relaxing before or after your session. If the massage therapist or chiropractor's office recommends any relaxation methods while waiting, then take advantage of them.

During the time before your appointment, open yourself to the purpose and process of a massage so that you will benefit from it the most. In addition, don't forget to breathe deeply and let your mind relax before the session. 

4. Talk With Your Therapist

A massage therapist is a professional just like other medical providers. They will want to discuss your health history as well as specific complaints you'd like to fix. Let them know if you have any skin ailments or dermatological issues.

If you have any concerns or questions about the massage process, this is a good time to discuss them. Each massage therapist has a different way of working, so ask what you can expect. Speak up if you have any uneasiness about things like undressing for the session or being massaged in certain parts of the body. Therapists will work with you to ensure a comfortable and productive massage. 

Preparing for and approaching your first massage appointment with the right information and the best attitude will help you get the most out of it. For more tips on what to expect from a professional massage therapy session, talk with the massage professionals at East Broadway Chiropractic & Rehab today, or set up your first massage appointment today.‚Äč